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Special Needs parents and caregivers,

Let's Build Bridges

You don't have to live with anxiety and fear

of your Special Needs loved one being misunderstood by YOUR Police and First Responders.

  • Your loved one can feel SAFE

  • Your loved one can feel RESPECTED

  • Your loved one can feel UNDERSTOOD

  • by the Police and First Responders serving in your community and neighborhood.

  • And YOU can make it happen TODAY

  • Let me show you how. Join my

    Bridge Builder workshop

    Relationships Are The Key

    Ensure your loved ones with Special Needs are SAFE, UNDERSTOOD, and RESPECTED by YOUR Police and First Responders without relying on outside advocates, "experts", or training.

    You will learn...

    Whom to Contact 

    Navigating the titles, rank structure, and personnel assignments of a police department can be complex and intimidating. I will guide you through the process of identifying the PERFECT officer to contact and meet with.  

    How to Contact

    We will analyze the best approach, style, and tone to ensure maximum impact and response.  I will give you INSIDER TIPS on the structure, politics, and psychology of a 21st Century Police Agency.  

    Handling Obstacles

    We will evaluate and overcome obstacles, objections, and barriers to ensure these vital relationships are built.

    Build a Template

    We will cover skills and strategies that can be replicated and perfected to expand and nurture future critical relationships with YOUR Police, Fire, and EMS members.


    Captain Gerald Turning Jr.

    "Your Son is Autistic."

    On a cold January day in 2007, a doctor spoke three words to me that forever altered my life.  

    I had been a cop for 12 years and was a well-respected K9 Handler and Trainer. I had participated in several large scale searches for missing persons, and responded to dozens of calls for service involving autistic individuals.  Yet,


    I knew practically NOTHING about autism.  

    I began writing about my journey- my fears, concerns, failures- as an autism dad and started a blog titled:

    Bacon and Juiceboxes: Our Life With Autism

    My writing began to resonate with fellow special needs parents, and I began to grow a following of thousands around the world. Eventually, I shared that I was also a cop.

    I began to receive hundreds of messages from desperate families like mine, expressing concern that their special needs children would be misunderstood or mistreated by First Responders. I did my best to allay their fears, explain our job, and shout from the rooftops that...

    We are the Good Guys!

    It was clear that I was in a unique position as a member of two communities I love dearly.  

    I began training First Responders about families like mine, and I began teaching special needs families about First Responders. I have provided this training for over a decade and have trained hundreds of First Responders while working as a police officer and raising my family.  

    My son is approaching adulthood now, and my life's mission is as clear as it has ever been:

    Bridge the Gap...

    between these communities I love and educate the world about the extraordinary individuals among us...

    Like my son.  

    Captain Gerald Turning Jr.
  • Take proactive steps to advocate for your family. Let me guide you.


    The Workbook


    Special Needs Profile for First Responders

    A printable profile to distribute to your residents to record VITAL information about an individual in case of EMERGENCY.

    This profile goes beyond the basic identifying features of the individual to include Sensory Challenges, Likes and Dislikes, and Possible Behavioral Triggers.  

  • 4 Questions to Turbocharge Your Autistic Missing Person Search

    Autistic individuals rarely just "WANDER". There is always a goal, destination, or purpose to their behavior- even if they can't communicate it.  

    This downloadable and shareable infographic will provide basic and simple questions to begin their search reying on REASON, not LUCK.

  • The First 30 Seconds

    The first seconds of a call for service involving a special needs individual are CRITICAL. Information that is gathered early and communicated efficiently mean the difference between LIFE and DEATH

    This downloadable and shareable infographic will coach your personnel on what CRITICAL information to attain and communicate first.


    • Special Needs families, individuals, and caregivers ready to take proactive steps of advocacy for their loved one.

    • Positive-minded individuals who value and practice empathy and good-faith solutions.

    • Doers. 


    • Passive individuals. 

    • Bitter or angry individuals seeking blame or confrontation. 

    Invest in your family's SAFETY and PEACE OF MIND today.

    Immediate Access for Just $49


    One more thing...

    Complete the Bridge,

    Earn $50.00

    If your Police, Fire, or EMS Departments sign on to receive LIVE or On-Demand training, I'll pay your $50.00 as an Affiliate.

    That's it... that's the deal. Go get 'em!  

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